Funeral Service Apprenticeship & Foundation Programs

Exploring A Career As A Funeral Service Professional

Funeral Service Apprenticeship & Foundation Programs news Funeral Service Apprenticeship & Foundation Programs news Funeral Service Apprenticeship & Foundation Programs news

Funeral Service Apprenticeship & Foundation Programs news Funeral Service Apprenticeship & Foundation Programs news




Personal.  Connecting.  Meaningful.  Mentoring.  Rewarding.  Compassionate. 

These are words Funeral Service Professionals use to describe the personal satisfaction they receive in their daily activities.

To give solace to grieving families.  Helping celebrate the life of someone you never met.  These are just some of the many rewards of being a funeral service professional.

Did you also know this career allows you to learn as you work?

A career in funeral services allows you to:

  • Obtain an education which may be paid for by your employer
  • Work while you are attending school and be paid a competitive salary
  • Apply your education immediately and develop practical on the job skills

Select the route to a career in Funeral Service that is right for you!  Choose either direct entry Apprenticeship or Foundation Program.  Choosing Apprenticeship or Foundation Program

Honouring Lives Lived

Learn through the words of the funeral service professionals you will meet in this brochure.  We hope to inspire you to consider embarking on this as a career choice, or to give back to your profession as a Mentor.   Honouring Lives Lived.

If you are interested in speaking with a funeral director about the profession, please contact us at

Embalmer and / or Funeral Director Apprenticeship Program

Interested in becoming a licensed Embalmer and / or Funeral Director?

The British Columbia Funeral Association is the recognized training service provider under an Agreement with the Industry Training Authority of British Columbia.  To become an Apprentice, you must first seek full time employment at a Funeral Home.  Check our directory of funeral homes to find one in your desired location. Many job openings are currently available.  Once you have a sponsor employer, you are ready to start your training.  The program will generally take two years to complete.   The apprentice is guided through academic study and workplace training.  Academic study is delivered through classroom instruction (lower mainland BC) and online lesson assignments.  The workplace training is guided by a co-worker (mentor) using standardized guidelines and assessments.

Foundation (Pre-employment) Funeral Services Program

A new and exciting entry to the funeral service profession is offered by the Foundation Program.  This option is intended to provide an introduction to the basic theory needed for study / employment in the Funeral Service Profession prior to securing employment as an Embalmer, Funeral Director or both.  The program is delivered in a variety of formats combining in-school and on-line studies, all designed to meet the competency standards of a Level One apprentice.  Upon completion of the Foundation Program, graduates will need to find employment, register as a Level Two apprentice and complete the work experience requirement for Level One and Level Two of their chosen program.

Commonly Requested Funeral Service Programs Forms and Information

2014 Foundation Program Registration is Now Closed

2014 Program Information

BC Academic Calendar 2014-15

Foundation Program Application Package 2014-2015

2014-2015 Foundation Registration Handbook

ITA Program Profiles and Outlines

Funeral Director Program Profile

Funeral Director Program Outline

Embalmer Program Profile

Embalmer Program Outline

Embalmer and Funeral Director Program Profile

Embalmer and Funeral Director Program Outline

Embalmer and Funeral Director Foundation Program Outline

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available to some participants. More information is provided through these links.


How Do I Register An Apprentice?

You must contact the British Columbia Funeral Association Call toll free 1-800-665-3899 or e-mail

To view the forms required by Consumer Protection BC, click on the following links.