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The British Columbia Funeral Association is a membership-based organization representing cemetery, crematorium and funeral service professionals. Our mandate is to encourage the highest professional and ethical standards of our members and to provide a voice for the profession. The organization provides continuing education opportunities and annual events for professionals. Additionally, the BC Funeral Association is the only recognized provider of Funeral Service Apprenticeship Training for British Columbia.

The BC Funeral Association liaises with government representatives to voice members’ concerns with respect to legislation, regulations and policies. To communicate on the results of these initiatives we provide our members with publications and other regular information and updates, particularly relating to legislative changes.

The organization also acts as a source of information on death and bereavement for the public. Our province wide toll-free number and website assist with information and referrals.

The BC Funeral Association is governed by a board of directors elected annually by the members. Board committees gather input from members and work to build consensus on policies and actions in order to benefit the funeral profession. 

Ongoing operations are managed by a staff of two in our Victoria office. 


Established in 1912, the British Columbia Funeral Association was formed by a group of concerned funeral directors whose purpose was to assist the funeral profession attain the highest possible standards of ethics, service and proficiency. The organization was known as the Funeral Service Association of British Columbia. In 2012, the organization amalgamated with the Cemetery and Crematorium Association of British Columbia and became the British Columbia Funeral Association. 

Our Mission Statement

“To promote the highest standards of ethics and service in the funeral service profession and with the public through education, communication and leadership.”

Our Vision Statement

 “Every Life Celebrated”

Our Value Statement


The highest professional and ethical standards will govern our work and our relationships with others.


We will act decisively on behalf of our membership and the profession.


We are committed to listening to a variety of viewpoints and to building consensus within the funeral service profession.


We will continually explore new avenues to provide better service to our members and the public.

Our Purposes

The purposes of the Association are to:

FOSTER and assist Funeral Service Professionals in British Columbia to attain the highest professional standards of ethics, service and proficiency in the Funeral Service Profession in British Columbia.

SUPPORT, encourage and promote the pursuit of Funeral Service Profession careers, the mutual exchange of ideas, discussion of issues of common concern and the study of funeral, interment and cremation practices.

ADVOCATE for, develop and deliver to Funeral Service Professionals the primary and continuing professional education programs that will assist them to achieve the highest standards of service to their community.

BE educators and a resource to the public about the value of the Funeral Service Professionals purpose and role in the provision of dignified bereavement rites and ceremonies, interments and cremations.

COLLABORATE with other like-minded, aligned professionals and organizations and represent the interests of Funeral Service Professionals to and with government on all matters relating to the establishment and enforcement of legislation affecting the Funeral Service Profession.

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